Pool & Billiard Table Information

Pro Pool Table Service provides Billiard Table Repair & Services in NJ and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania and New York State. We service pool tables of any make, model and size.

We repair your billiard cloth using a variety of beautiful colors. Please browse the chart below to see the wide selection of cloth we have available. Whether you want a classic color, like black, or a unique color like purple or hot pink, we install a new billiard cloth that matches the color of your home décor.

To find the size of your pool table, simply measure the length and width of the table from point of cushion to point of cushion. Standard pool table sizes include 7’, 8’, 8.5’ and 9’.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your pool table serviced! If you are outside of our normal service area, contact us to arrange a special appointment.

To get table size:

Measure the length & width from the point of the cushion to the point of the cushion (where the ball hits).

pool table dimension graphic

Common sizes

39″ x 78″ = 7′
44″ x 88″ = 8′
46″ x 92″ = 8.5′
50″ x 100″ = 9′

pool table cloth color selections